Breakdown of Nations

Breakdown of Nations

***** Last Updated May 12, 2015 *****

Chart includes only official Postcrossing cards and not arts I have received either by direct swaps or from friends.  Chart courtesy of Postcrossing

 CountrySentReceivedAvg travel (Sent)Avg travel (Received)
1Algeria01-16 days
2Australia2435 days10 days
3Austria01-6 days
4Azerbaijan01-21 days
5Belarus141324 days24 days
6Belgium1517 days7 days
7Brazil1324 days43 days
8Bulgaria1123 days21 days
9Canada4311 days10 days
10Chile1027 days-
11China111633 days29 days
12Czech Republic71115 days21 days
13Denmark02-13 days
14Ecuador1013 days-
15Estonia02-10 days
16Finland211514 days15 days
17France8611 days20 days
18Germany415313 days9 days
19Hong Kong6415 days17 days
20Hungary2011 days-
21India2327 days16 days
22Indonesia2135 days33 days
23Ireland01-5 days
24Italy3212 days11 days
25Japan14110 days10 days
26Korea (South)1013 days-
27Latvia3212 days13 days
28Lithuania2516 days21 days
29Malaysia3117 days15 days
30Netherlands303212 days11 days
31New Zealand3017 days-
32Norway2213 days9 days
33Philippines1039 days-
34Poland9515 days14 days
35Portugal3213 days23 days
36Puerto Rico105 days-
37Romania01-39 days
38Russia224225 days28 days
39Singapore2016 days-
40Slovakia1118 days15 days
41Slovenia209 days-
42South Africa3226 days34 days
43Spain3224 days16 days
44Sweden1117 days8 days
45Switzerland02-9 days
46Taiwan181522 days21 days
47Thailand2113 days14 days
48Turkey3618 days21 days
49U.S.A.392410 days10 days
50Ukraine14919 days19 days
51United Kingdom6920 days9 days
52Venezuela01-50 days

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