Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ukraine - The Cards from Lviv

       Normally, you may receive one or two cards at a time with Postcrossing.  My first day receiving cards I received two, for instance.  However, usually you just get a card every few days unless maybe a friend is sending you a card, or you're doing direct swaps with people.

       February 12, 2014 I received not two, nor three, but four cards all of which were "official cards" from Postcrossing.  That in and of itself should have been a red-letter day, but two of those cards came from the same country, Ukraine.  And, both of these cards came from the exact same city: Lviv, Ukraine.  Located in western Ukraine (Lviv was previously called Lvov and a Polish city.) , the two cards which arrived on the same date took 41 and 12 days to travel from Ukraine to the US.



       The second of these cards is one of my all-time favorites.  I both love the image but also find the message on the back haunting, especially considering that only a few days after receiving the card, the Kiev Euromaidan protests and Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 would light up television sets across the world and I would be reading stories of snipers in Kiev, an privatized presidential mansion complete with zoo, and the protesters in Lviv taking over the government in that city.

       With a blue and yellowcolored pencil background on the back of the card (the Ukrainian flag's colors), the writer said:

       Greetings from Lviv (Ukraine).  Today in Ukraine is very difficult time - we fight for our future, for our freedom...
       When I cannot listen to the news, I write letter or postcard....
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