Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The 100th Card Received!: USA - Vermont, USA - Ohio



On  Thursday April 23, 2014, my 100th and 101st official Postcrossing cards that I received arrived in my mailbox.  The two cards both came from the United States.  The top card (US-2753843) was sent from the Vermont/New Hampshire border, while the lower card (US-2752902) was sent from Ohio.  The one card shows a Vermont "Sugar House" while the second postcard depicts what appears to be an old photograph of a women in a long dress walking a street with a child.  Unfortunately the second card doesn't give any further context to the image.

The card from Vermont traveled 1,249 km (776 miles) in 3 days (which is also the quickest a card has ever taken to get to me.  The cad from Ohio traveled  411 km (255 miles) in 4 days.

For the first 101 sent cards, I've so far received cards from 30 different countries: Germany (14), Russia (10), Netherlands (11), USA (8) Ukraine (8), China (5), Czech Republic (4), Taiwan (4), Finland (4), Belgium (3), Turkey (3), United Kingdom (3), Belarus (3), Brazil (2), Lithuania (2), France (2), Hong Kong (2), Australia (1), Denmark (1), Estonia (1), India (1), Norway (1), Sweden (1),  Switzerland, (1), Thailand (1), Venezuela (1), Italy (1), Japan (1), Malaysia (1), and Poland (1).

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