Saturday, October 31, 2015

USA - Washington

Ellen Clapsaddle, Postcard Circa 1910

This very festive Halloween postcard of a boy holding a jack-o-lantern with a black cat perched on his shoulder was sent to me by my friend Val from Washington state last year.  

The card is a reproduction of an original postcard made by the artist Ellen Clapsddle (January 8, 1865 - January 7, 1934).  While one of the most prolific postcard maker of her day, she was in Germany at the start of the First World War and was unable to return to the US until after the war when her business partners went searching for her.  They found her destitute, ill, and suffering from a mental breakdown due to the war.  

According to the wikipedia article linked above, her art work is still quite praised and sought after by collectors over eighty years after her death..  

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