Thursday, May 12, 2016

Found Postcards: To South Africa

Previously Lost Postcard: US-3266178

Card Mailed on or about: 5 March, 2015
Days Since Sent: 175 days 
Sent to: Nelspruit, South Africa
Postcrossing User Sent to: KcLowther
Received: 27 August, 2015

This card of piles of corn has taken longer than usual to arrive at its destination.  Corn is one of the major crops of my home state of Indiana.  There is even a well-known slogan/jingle for Indiana Beach (a Monticello, Indiana amusement park) which says "There's more than corn in Indiana . . . At Indiana Beach!"

I'm featuring it because this is currently the card that has taken the longest amount of time to get to its destination at 175 days.

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