Monday, October 10, 2016


The Chopin Statue, Warsaw

This large statue of Poland's famous composer Frédéric Chopin stands in Łazienki Park in Warsaw.  On Sundays during the summer months live piano concerts of Chopin's music are preformed free for the public.  

This is the second Chopin statue located there.  The original was purposefully targeted by the Germans during the early occupation of Poland during World War II.  The statue was destroyed on May 31, 1940, according to Wikipedia, the first monument destroyed by the occupying power in their attempt to obliterate Polish culture. 

According to the same source, there is a story that the following day, someone had put up a sign where the statue stood  saying I" don’t know who destroyed me, but I know why: so that I won’t play the funeral march for your leader." 

This card is actually a very old one, that I found in my grandparents house.  The stamp on it looks to say that it is from July 20, 1973.  The card features the below stamp.  Please note that the stamp features an overprinting.   The original amount was 60 groszy (cents) but was overprinted to cost 4 ZL / Zloty.  

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