Tuesday, February 28, 2017

USA - Illinois

The Berghoff

During the 2016 holiday season I had lunch at Berghoff and the server gave us a free postcard.  Apparently they were cleaning out things upstairs and found boxes of Berghoff Postcards. 

For those who aren't from the Chicago area, The Berghoff Restaurant is one of the iconic and famous Chicago institutions.  Began in 1898 by German immigrant and brewer Herman Joseph Berghoff.  Located at 17 West Adams Street, and known for the iconic sign, the restaurant was issued the city's first liquor license at the end of Prohibition in 1933, an honor that is renewed each year. 

The restaurant closed supposedly permanently on February 28, 2006.  The announcement had been made two months earlier and for those months there were lines around the block in the frozen Chicago winter for people to get in again.  The turning off of the iconic sign was even featured on the evening news that night.   

Berghoff thankfully reopened later that year and still remains open to this day.

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