Monday, April 28, 2014

Announcements - Pomegranate Postcards

       If you're a fan of postcards, and especially sending cards via Postcrossing, you may find yourself looking for inexpensive postcards or even just random non-touristy postcards.

       Recently, I discovered Pomegranate, a company out of the US state of Oregon, with quite a selection of postcards.  I thought this post may be helpful to some followers of this blog who use Postcrossing or have an interest in postcards.

       Pomegranate currently has some sales going on, including this sale of 100 postcards for $14.95 plus shipping, which comes out to about $0.19 per card including taxes.  (And, possibly better since I think they gave me a few extra cards.  From now until the end of April, the site is also giving an extra 20% off on all items if you use the code "Spring2014".

       My random packet included art cards, photograph cards, and even some of famous people like Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, and Mother Jones.  I'll probably be posting these cards, but as they don't really have a location, they will probably be posted under the label "Pomegranate".

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